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Where to Get a Burger in Canton MI

Hey, we’ve got a new burger joint in town so I grabbed a friend and stopped by to check it out over lunch.  Let me tell you about my stop in at Basement Burger Bar in Canton.

Where It Is

This is the former Real BBQ location in Canton, on the northwest corner of Ford and Lilley Roads in a rather nondescript strip mall that also houses Little Caesars Pizza as well as the new Mike’s Jersey Subs.  There is definitely a bar feel here, where seating is offered at high tables, regular tables, and, well, at a bar.  This is the second location for this local restaurant, with the first being in Farmington.


Burgers … and more burgers …

If only we could say that we studied the menu completely and fully and now are offering a full report on it.  We can’t! Here’s the thing:  Market-style ordering had us obsessed.  Yes, there is a proper menu with (what we assumed had to be) very nice selections already laid out.  Couldn’t even look at it.  Because they gave us a market-style ordering card with a dry erase market so that we could pick EXACTLY what we wanted!


The Dry Erase Adventure

Pick the kind of burger.  Pick the kind of bun.  Pick the toppings.  Pick the spreads.  Pick the bonus items.  Pick the sides.  Sounds like a dream, right?  Well, yeah.  Kind of.

Getting to just the right combination can be harder than you think when so many beautiful burger accompaniments are available.  All you have to do is check the boxes and write your name at the bottom.  Or, if you’re like me, you might have to make a swipe or two across it with your napkin if you keep changing your mind.

Veggin’ Out

Funny story:  We go to a burger joint and we make it vegetarian.  Didn’t plan on it, but that’s what seemed right at the time.  My friend went for a black bean burger (with guac!) while I tried the falafel burger (with guac AND hummus!). The report on the black bean burger was that it was VERY good – one of the better ones she’s had.


The falafel burger was excellent, but I had a hard time because it came with five small falafels and not one large patty. They were a bit unwieldy, but excellent in flavor.  Can’t go wrong with a side of tater tots, and these were just as you would expect them to be.  The lettuce, tomatoes, and onion, by the way, were very fresh … just as you would expect them to be.


I should note, too, that the selection of “proteins” (the patty part) was wider than I expected and I am very intrigued by the Kobe, which I have never heard of.  They also offer a salad-building menu in the style of the burger-building one that I enjoyed.

For all?

It is just possible that this place might have something for everyone:  Meat lovers; vegetarians; salad fans; and, beer lovers.  Yes, a pleasant selection of craft beers and daily drink specials round out the experience.  The only thing to note is that I didn’t see any mention of a kids’ menu, so if that matters to you then be sure to call ahead and ask.

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