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Archives: October 2008

Seasonal Touches Sells Canton, MI Homes Faster!

Canton and Plymouth, Michigan home sellers know that a few simple seasonal touches can get their home sold faster. Whether you are decorating  for the season or to boost your selling potential, home staging doesn’t have to be too costly. One thing Canton residents do before zipping out and purchasing new items to decorate for the fall […]

Canton, Michigan Residents Fight Off Foreclosures!

Canton, Michigan residents are able to fight off more foreclosures with this simple, back-to-basic approach to not only understanding how the mortgage and foreclosure systems work, but also by educating themselves through ample supplies of quality foreclosure resources. Before you go about fighting off foreclosures, it is important to get yourself organized. Don’t be afraid to talk to your spouse about […]

ICE Covers Canton and Plymouth, MI

                                                                       Canton and Plymouth Michigan residents have prepared themselves in case of an emergency by implementing "ICE"; a life-saving system they have put in place for themselves and their families that everyone should know about. Nearly all Americans carry a cell phone on them. It stores hundreds of numbers, some of which are your closest friends and […]