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Archives: August 2012

Enjoying Labor Day

Here in southeast Michigan, the seasons change fairly obviously.  And one of those obvious changes is the transition from summer to autumn.  Yes, the sun sets earlier and the nights are cool.  But it’s the flipping of the calendar and the celebration of Labor Day that marks the unofficial start to autumn. How can we […]

A Little Bit of Country in the Township

If you’re new to the Plymouth, Canton, and Northville Michigan area, you must have already learned that we have many terrific places to explore.  From museums, galleries, and libraries, to sports venues and recreational complexes, to cinemas and live theaters.  But, one place that should be on everyone’s list to visit (and revisit) is Plymouth Township Park. […]

Sweet Bikes Has It All

So what happens when you buy a bike at a garage sale for ten bucks?  It will invariably need a part. That’s what happened to our Social Media Manager, Maria Kuechler.  She and her husband, Peter, turned to Sweet Bikes in Canton for that part. Sweet Bikes Located on the north side of Ford Road […]