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Saturday Night in Plymouth, Michigan

Every now and again, a Saturday night comes along and you think, “Nothing on the calendar tonight.  What are we gonna do?”

Yeah, there’s always the standard dinner and a movie.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  Recently, we mixed it up and opted for “dinner and a hockey game.”  Works for the guys, works for couples, works for families.  This time, it was dinner at Station 885 in Plymouth followed by an outstanding  Plymouth Whalers game at Compuware Arena.

Station 885

Now, here at The Bittinger Team, we are really big fans of Plymouth, Canton, and Northville communities year round.  No question. But, there is something especially charming about these communities at this time of year.  You know, when the twinkling lights sparkle up the outdoors and the holiday greenery dresses up the indoors.  And Station 885 follows suit beautifully.

Aptly Named

We were thrilled to arrive at the restaurant just as a train was passing by on the adjacent tracks, thus setting the mood for our visit.  You see, Station 885 is aptly named because it sits on the original site of the Chesapeake freight house.  The original freight house was moved across the tracks in the 1960s, and the current building was then constructed.  It is a beautiful, warmly-decorated, inviting ambience.  Thank you, Connor Rhoades, for the warm greeting at the door!

As for the menu, there is a large selection to meet every palette and appetite.  Pasta, steak, pot roast, chicken, veal, seafood, salads, pizza, jambalaya, sandwiches.  This place requires multiple visits just to check it all out!  And it all sounds and looks scrumptious.

Kids Love It

Of course, this time we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the kids menu.  Two of our young diners this evening opted for the fish ‘n chips meal, and they raved about it (yes, those fries are as fabulous as they look).  Our younger diner chose the macaroni and cheese with a rather impressive fresh fruit cup.  He proclaimed his meal to be “amazing”.  Everyone was stuffed and gave this place two thumbs-up!

Oh, and we can’t forget to mention the model train that zips around overhead in one of the dining rooms, or the glass case filled with train-related treasures, just adding to the ambience.   It’s a wonderful, relaxing atmosphere for all ages and it got us ready for what was up next:  hockey!

Plymouth Whalers

Now, if you’re a hockey fan already, we don’t need to say anything more to you about the Whalers and the Ontario Hockey League (OHL).  The Whalers play some amazing hockey.  It is fast-paced.  There are no commercials.  There is the odd skirmish.  There are loud horns blowing.  There are awesome snacks.  And, there are EXTREMELY EXCITED FANS!

Even if you aren’t a hockey fan by nature, you can’t help but get caught up in the excitement.  Everyone around you is into it and the action rarely stops.  Sure, there is whistle-blowing, but the puck drops again very quickly and there is very little down time. And, no, it’s not really cold in there!

The intermissions are fun too!

Even the intermissions are fun!  During the first intermission, two teams of little kids have a quick game – and those little folks are pretty good.  The second intermission features the “Chuck the Puck” event, during which the crowd can throw (hundreds of) pucks onto the ice. You really have to see this to appreciate how fun it is.

Whalers Won!

Last Saturday, the Whalers defeated the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds, 8-0.  In front of a sellout crowd, it was 18 minutes into the game before the first goal was scored and that really got the crowd roaring.  The second period got off to a thrilling start as the Whalers scored two goals within the first minute of play.  It’s that kind of stuff, together with a spirited hometown crowd and a cool, “whale” of a mascot named Shooter, that makes OHL hockey worth the very small price of admission.  What a great night out!

What else is great?

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