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6 Ways Sell Your Canton Home During The Holiday Season

Home Selling 6Although housing market activity is not as busy during the wintertime as it is during the spring and summer, there are still some great opportunities to get your home sold this holiday season!

Today, we thought we would share with you some tips that we have found particularly useful in ensuring that our clients’ homes sell. Continue reading to learn more!

Steps You Can Take to Get Your Canton Home Sold

It’s no secret that the wintertime is a generally slow time for real estate markets all across the country.

But those home sellers who do decide to enter the market also enjoy a number of little-known advantages. These include: more serious home buyers navigating the market and less fierce competition. If you have been following the real estate market here in southeast Michigan, you will know that inventory has been low all year and it hasn’t changed much now that the holidays have rolled around.

So how exactly can home sellers maximize this time of year to ensure that they get an offer on their property? Here are our top tips:

Don’t go overboard with holiday decorations. Selectively placed holiday decorations can certainly put buyers in the right mood. But too many decorations can be at best distracting and at worst, off-putting. So keep it simple. And also, avoid offending buyers by going with general winter decorations instead of religious-themed ones.

Work with a reliable real estate agent like your friends at Bittinger Team, REALTORS. In other words, work with an agent who is going to be willing to work with you whenever developments arise and isn’t just going to disappear for the week between Christmas and New Year’s. You also want someone who has experience selling not just in your area, but in your price range and your neighborhood. Here, we have left the conventional behind. Now that we are our own, independent operation, we pull out the stops more than ever to bring you the customized real estate experience you want and need.

Price your home to sell. After all, if you overprice your home, you’re likely to turn off would-be buyers before they even have a chance to fall in love with your property. So, work with your real estate agent to determine the best listing price for your property. This will likely include performing a comparative market analysis for your property.

Take some excellent real estate photos with plenty of light. Because there are fewer home buyers navigating the market in the wintertime, you don’t want to miss an opportunity with a single one of them. And attracting them starts with excellent home listing photos. Work with your real estate agent to make sure you’re getting pictures of your property that give the best first impression. This likely means having photos that have ample light, are shot with high quality equipment and more.

Don’t forget the curb appeal! This is especially important during the winter because the trees are bare and there aren’t as many flowering plant options to beautify the exterior of your home. Compensate for that by giving your exterior a fresh touch of paint, cleaning the gutters and cleaning up the walkways where needed. All of these things will help your home feel even more inviting!

Make your home a welcome reprieve from the cold. Create a cozy atmosphere in your home by turning up the heat (but not too high!) and setting out some delicious homemade holiday treats. By doing so, you’re encouraging buyers to linger in your home, which gives them extra time to fall in love with your property.

How Can We Help You With The Sale of Your Canton Home?

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