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Top Mistakes that Plymouth Home Sellers Make

It’s been said often enough that the worst mistake a Plymouth home seller can make is to overprice their home.

After all, when they do this, they risk turning off interested and qualified Plymouth home buyers.

When this happens, the property will more than likely sit on the Plymouth real estate market for an indefinite period of time – making it even more unattractive to buyers.

But the truth is, there are other mistakes that Plymouth home sellers can make that will make their chances for success on the local housing market even slimmer.

Below, I’m going to review the top mistakes that Plymouth home sellers make so you can avoid them too.

Don’t Do These Things When Selling Your Michigan Home

Try To Sell A Home That’s in Poor Condition. Buyers are more than likely going to be turned off by kitchens overflowing with dirty dishes, broken light fixtures and dirty laundry scattered around the bedroom. These things send a signal to the buyer that makes them think, “There must be something else wrong with this house.” That’s a surefire way to send a potential home buyer bolting for the front door.

Poorly Market Your Plymouth Home. You wouldn’t believe how many people will enter a new listing report with little or no photos of the home itself. Or they will enter the listing with dark photos that would make even the best homes look drab and uninviting. Another poor marketing strategy is relying on only one medium (like newspaper ads) and forgetting about the rest (such as magazines, specialty real estate sites and social media). Cast a wide net and you’ll get an even better return.

Hiring an Inexperienced Agent or Working with No Agent At All. As a Plymouth home owner, you should not be expected to know every little detail about the home selling process. Between your family, job and personal interests, you don’t have time to know the ins and outs of real estate. That’s where it pays to work with an experienced REALTOR who is familiar with the Plymouth real estate market and who will work tirelessly to get the outcome you deserve.

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