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Neehee’s – Indian Vegetarian Street Food

Some people have a love-hate relationship with Ford Road in Canton.  Despite it being a little heavily travelled sometimes, you just have to love the wide variety of  restaurants located there.

One of these is Neehee’s on the northwest corner of Ford and Canton Center.  The subtitle “Indian Vegetarian Street Food” is what caught our attention.   Well, street food is known to be food that is purchased and eaten on the street.  But, what exactly is this restaurant serving?

Open to a culinary adventure, The Bittinger Team’s Maria and her husband, Peter, set out to have lunch and find out for themselves.  They previewed the menu online but still felt like they were heading in blind.

“We didn’t really recognize most of the ingredients listed on the menu,” Maria said, “but, we figured we’d just see what everyone else was  eating when we got there.  And, as a big fan of daily specials, I figured that might be a good place to start.”

Funny thing about that Daily Special:  Maria didn’t recognize any of the words other than “roti” (a flat bread).  No worries, though, the friendly woman at the register explained everything and Maria went for it.

And Peter?  Well, he is more of a meat-lover than a vegetarian, but this wasn’t going to stop him.  He went for the C2 – Special Bhel with a chili pepper pictured beside it.  No, he had no idea what it was, but it looked good in the photo on the large tv-screen menu.

Well, both Maria and Peter came out of there with full bellies and a new eating experience under their belts.

Turns out that Maria’s $5.00 special (gujarati mini thali) included 2 subji of the day (the green one is okra, the orange one is potato and eggplant), 3 roti (flatbreads), rice, and gujarati dal (soup of the day that you eat with the rice).


As for Peter’s lunch, he never did figure out what all was in there, but that meat-lover had no complaints with this flavorful, filling dish.

So, don’t be afraid to try Neehee’s for something different, something special in Canton.

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