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5 Tips to Make Decluttering Your Canton or Plymouth, Michigan Home Easier

Whether you are organizing your home to prepare for guests or to prepare for home buyers, decluttering a house is a task that homeowners in the Canton and Plymouth, Michigan area can find overwhelming. But there are a few ways to reduce the stress that comes with decluttering an entire home. Here are a few simple decluttering tips that you can follow.

decluttered living room1. Start Small to Avoid Home Selling Stress

If you want to declutter your home quickly, you might be tempted to tackle your entire home in just one day. But taking on your entire house will leave you feeling more stressed. Instead, declutter your home in Canton or Plymouth over a few days. At the end, your home will look fantastic, and you will feel refreshed rather than exhausted.

2. Focus on Decluttering Main Rooms First

What will your guests (and home buyers) see as soon as they enter your home? To make your decluttering process quicker and more efficient, focus on decluttering your entryway, family room, kitchen, and other entertaining spaces first. Then you can focus on tackling the bedrooms, closets, and storage areas.

decluttered Canton and Plymouth Michigan closet3. Donate or Discard Any Unwanted Items

Closets are often the most daunting areas of a home to declutter. You can free up space in your closet (and make packing for your future move) much easier by donating clothes you no longer wear or throwing out household items you no longer use.

4. Enhance Your Space Savers

Do you have to dig through the items in your kitchen or dresser drawers to find something you need? You can declutter these small storage spaces with drawer organizer boxes and inserts. Not only do these storage organizers make your drawers look neater, they will make it easier to find the items you need.

homeowners packing boxes5. Start Packing for Your Move

If you are planning to sell your Canton or Plymouth, Michigan home, you can tackle decluttering and packing for your move at the same time. Remove any excess furniture, pictures, seasonal clothes, and home decor from your house, then pack these belongings so you’ll be ready for moving day.

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