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5 Tips for Selling Your Canton Home This Fall

Home Selling 7Can you believe that the autumn season is upon us? Where has this year gone?

If you’re like us, you’re already looking forward to the crisp temperatures, the changing foliage and the delicious flavors of the season (pumpkin spice, anyone?).

But if you’re a home seller, you might have one more reason to be excited about the arrival of fall: It’s a great time to sell your home!

That’s right – while spring has the reputation for being the most popular time to sell your home, fall is really just as good of a time to list your home.

After all, during this time of year, there are fewer homes on the market, which means less competition for you.

What’s more, the buyers that have chosen to remain on the market are often more serious about investing in a property, which makes it more likely they’ll put a purchase offer on your home.

Interested in learning how you can prepare your home for maximum success once you list it this fall?

What You Can Do to Prepare Your Home to Sell This Fall

Clean up the exterior. Regardless of the season, you always want to make sure your home has plenty of curb appeal. So, clear away any dead leaves and make sure the gutters are cleaned out, too. Details matter! Keep the leaf blower handy to handle some errant debris hanging around the sidewalks, walkways, or garden beds.

Create vignettes of the season in subtle ways. For instance, you might set out a jack-o-lantern at your doorstep or maybe set out a cornucopia on the dining room table. This will help buyers visualize themselves living there, which will surely make them more attached to your home. Just be sure not to overdo the decorations. Less is definitely more in this case.

Set the right price for your home. Once again, this is something that should happen regardless of which season sees the listing of your home. Make sure that you set a price that is competitive to comparable homes in the area but also takes into account all that your home has to offer. Our experienced real estate agents can help you determine the best price by first doing a competitive market analysis.

Get motivated to complete a sale in the fall. With the temperatures dropping and people going into the annual winter hibernation mode, it’s important to do what it takes to sell your home before fall turns into winter. Thus, be intentional about how you’re marketing your home and give buyers as many opportunities to see your home as possible. That’s where we come in. Here at Bittinger Team, Realtors, we personalize our marketing plan to make sure that your home is exposed to thousands of prospective home buyers. Each home is unique, so each marketing plan is as well.

Stage your home with fall in mind. A little staging really can help breathe new light into your home. And if that staging happens to be seasonally themed, all the better! Thus, you might consider setting out towels or decorations in yellow, orange or red tones. Remember that the best smell is no smell, so think twice about setting out scented items. Once again, subtlety is key but staging your home in this way can really go a long way. When you work with Bittinger Team, Realtors, we make sure your home is staged just right before we even snap the first pic!

We’re Ready to Help You Get Your Home Sold!

We hope you found today’s blog interesting and we hope you’re able to incorporate at least some of these tips in your home selling process.

For more valuable tips on how to sell your home in Canton like an expert, please take a moment to contact us at Bittinger Team, Realtors. We’d love the opportunity to assist you.

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