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Great Mexican Food at Los Tres Amigos in Canton

Need a break from the seasonal foods we all have been stuffing ourselves with lately?  Check out Los Tres Amigos in Canton, Michigan!

If you travel Canton Center Road between Ford and Warren, you have surely seen Los Tres Amigos.  The restaurant is located on the east side of Canton Center Road just north of Hanford, and just east of the very desirable Sunflower Village subdivision.

With the claim of sauces being prepared from scratch from special recipes, Los Tres Amigos is a Canton favorite for Mexican food.  Yes, it’s a chain (who knew?) but that doesn’t stop us from loving this place!




Color! Music! Food!

Here’s the thing about this restaurant:  it is everything you want a Mexican restaurant to be.  Between the colorful décor and the piped-in traditional music, the ambience is set.  The staff is pleasant, attentive, and quick.  And, if you are really, really lucky, you will see one of the servers stack five or more sizzling plates up his arm on an oven mitt that spans from fingertips to shoulder.  It is quite a sight to see, but don’t get in his way.  He’s on a mission to get the food to the intended diner fast!

Who doesn’t love chips and salsa?

Now, we can’t talk about this (or any!) restaurant without mentioning the food.  Of course, diners start off with a bowl of salsa and basket of chips.  The chips are yummy on their own but really make for a perfect way to get the salsa to the lips.  The salsa is not of the chunky variety and is on the mild side, but certainly has a great flavor.  As expected, the basket of chips was bottomless so a little self-control is helpful. 

A Couple of Recommendations

Our Communications Specialist, Maria Kuechler, recently chose Los Tres Amigos for a much-needed dinner out with her husband, Peter.  Even though it was a Saturday night, they only had a short wait before being seated. 

Peter had the “Burrito and Enchilada Special”.  Despite the name, this dish was not the daily special, but one of a number of tasty combinations from the Especialidades Burritos section of the Los Tres Amigos menu.  It’s a great combination of one chicken burrito and one chicken enchilada with all the good stuff that belongs with it, including pico de gallo and guacamole.  At first, Peter was concerned that it didn’t look like a lot of food but he was eventually eating his words (!) because it was a very filling plate of food. 

Maria thoroughly enjoyed the Fajita Quesadilla, which, too, proved to be slightly more food than she was expecting it to be.  Delicious flavors, fresh ingredients, reasonable prices, and quick service made for a great experience all around.

Check out the full menu here and give this place a try next time!

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