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Canton, Michigan’s “Bittinger Team” Are Short Sale Experts!

Canton, Michigan home sellers have been facing foreclosure for several years. The onslaught does not seem like it will  let up  for years to come as projected by many experts. Home sellers need better alternatives.

A clearly superior alternative to foreclosure is  a Negotiated Short Sale where the upside-down home seller successfully completes the sale of their home for less than they owe on the mortgage and are forgiven most , if not all of the deficiency. Yet if this alternative is available,  why do so many homeowners opt for foreclosure?

Canton short sales experts

The Bittinger Team can Help

Experts believe it is a matter of  false beliefs caused by the rash of bad information and dishonest practices in the market place.That’s where we come in.

All the members of The Bittinger Team have been trained in the short sale process. Almost all of them achieved the CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) designation which uniquely qualifies them to help families in this unfortunate situation.

Distressed families facing foreclosure often make decisions based on emotion rather than logic and knowledge of the situation they are in. In a time when a myriad of bank foreclosure departments, bank attorneys, and bill collectors are calling you incessantly it is hard to view the situation in a calm, cool manner. Instead the distressed home owner may seek help from the  endless supply of schemes being advertised on the Internet or television. Most seem like ideal “silver bullets” that will immediately solve your problem. Instead we have found they usually forestall the inevitable. What’s most dangerous is the home owner loses valuable time in which to successfully achieve a short sale before the foreclosure redemption period ends.

There have been countless home owners who have come to us after months, if not  a year or more, after they were first notified of pending foreclosure. During this time they had spent thousands of dollars and used valuable time trying to alleviate their situation. Unbelievable as it sounds the lender who holds the mortgage is often the entity that causes the added distress and time loss. They usually convince the homeowner that they can achieve a modified mortgage that will solve their problem. Our experience is that these attempts to modify mortgages work less that 10% of the time. In fact they often leave the homeowner in a worse situation even if at first successful.  Other schemes revolve around companies that claim to help you with what has been known as strategic foreclosure. Our experice is this is the most dangerous of the alternatives. What they don’t tell you is that the lenders have up to 10 years to pursue you with a court judgement for the deficiency. In almost all cases if the homeowner had started the short sale process with a qualified CDPE they would have avoided tremendous financial loss and strain on themselves and family members.

We at  The Bittinger Team are here to help Canton home sellers in such distressed situations and ultimately help you fight off foreclosures. The extensive knowledge and experience that we have obtained will greatly benefit the community in which we all live. While experiencing financial distress is extremely difficult for any family, the process of finding a valuable real estate professional compatible with your situation shouldn’t be.

We are committed to helping distressed families find better solutions for their future. We have all of the essential tools at hand to ensure a speedy “Short Sale” allowing for greatly reduced and sometimes zero balances on mortgages, while helping you avoid credit disaster at the same time. As your CDPE agents, we will explore every option with you and work towards a solid resolution. You have gone through enough, let us help!

If you or someone you know is facing foreclosure please call us today and ask for Noel Bittinger at 734-459-2600 for a confidential discussion and free advice as to what your options are.
If you feel more comfortable investigating alternatives before you call we have provided free reports with dignified solutions and helpful booklets that explain the foreclosure and short sale alternatives in detail. We think you’ll find them very useful in answering all your questions.
In all cases for qualified Short Sale help choose the CDPE qualilfied agent.

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