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Fed Rate Cuts Help Canton Homes Sell

Fed rate cuts should boost house sales in Canton, Plymouth, Northville, Novi and the rest of the Detroit Suburbs.

This has been another volatile week in the mortgage markets. The favorable rate cuts should result in increased house sales activities in the Canton and Plymouth market.

There was major news news out on each of the first three days of the week. The net effect of the ups and downs was a significant reduction in mortgage rates.

 Two stories surprised investors Monday morning: 

  In an uncommon emergency meeting over the weekend, the Fed decided to lower its discount rate to 3.25% from 3.5%

The other major announcement was the sale of Bear Stearns, a large investment bank, to avoid bankruptcy. Bear’s stock, which had been trading around $80 per share in January, would be sold for just $2 per share. Investors took the news to mean that the risks to the credit markets were even greater than they thought, and they embarked on a flight to relatively safe investments, which lowered mortgage rates.

 Big news on Tuesday: 

 Fed cut the Fed Funds rate by three quarters of a point to 2.25%, as expected by many investors, although two of the ten voting Fed members were in favor of a smaller rate cut.

Stocks rallied on the news, and the Dow closed higher by a whopping 420 points, but the Fed’s emphasis on the risk of higher inflation hurt mortgage markets. Overall, the Fed’s statement described reduced economic growth and higher inflation expectations. The Fed believes that inflation should moderate over coming quarters, but that the uncertainty over the inflation outlook has increased. Mortgage investors require higher yields to offset future inflation, and mortgage rates rose, offsetting some of Monday’s reduction.

 Another big news story hit the wires on Wednesday:


OFHEO, the regulator for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, relaxed the capital requirements for the two firms. Early estimates are that the changes will enable Fannie and Freddie to make an additional $200 billion in loans. The additional capacity for mortgage investments boosted mortgage markets, and mortgage rates fell again.

The home sales market in the Detroit suburbs has been dismal as of late but this news of mortgage rate cuts is bound to inject activity into the sales process. It appears there are lots of buyers in the wings waiting for the right moment to make their move. We have witnessed more activity in the last few months and believe this bodes well for the near future.