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Speakers create great vibes at RE/MAX Convention

Jeff Thredgold at RE/MAX Convention

Besides all the great trainers that coached us on real estate tools and new systems there were other speakers that sent  a message of hope.

Jeff Thredgold was one of them. In his new book "econAmerica"  he outlines the positive news the media often won’t report. Jeff’s message gave his audience the correct image of our current economy not being as bad as most would have you believe. We are in a slowdown but certainly not in a full fledged recession. "In this political season there are just too many who would exaggerate to make political points or make the other side look bad" he said.


Jeff Thredgold with Lee and Noel Bittinger

 Jeff stayed around to answer questions and autograph his latest book. Most would think of an economist as the kind of person that would put you to sleep with all his dry facts. While Jeff is full of useful iformation he delivered it in such a way as to make economics interesting.




Less Brown delivers a heartwarming message

If you ever get a chance to hear Les Brown speak please don’t hesitate. His story is heartwarming, sad, compelling, and upllifting all at once. He had us crying one minute, laughing the next, and finally wanting to get up out of our sets with enthusiasm about the future. "If I can grow up to become as successful as I am, you can too " said les.His story of the mother who adopted him and his brother, worked her heart out for yeas to feed and educate Les and his 5 other adopted siblings, and his promise to one day buy her a home of her own was one that inspired yo to go out and face whatever struggle you have a little more cheerfully.




Lee and Noel Bittinger meet with Les Brown

As many time as I have had the pleasure to hear Les speak over the years, meeting and chatting with him was a thrill I did not expect. Les stayed with us quite a while and continued inspiring us. His meeting with some of the most famous speakers were most interesting. He worked with the likes of Norman Vincent Peale and Zig Ziglar. Since I have just about all of Peale’s and Ziglar’s recording it was especially interesting to hear Les’s advetures with these legends.

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