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Office work for Niles

This is about 90% of Niles’ activity while he visits at the office on weekends.

I brought Niles & Daphne to the office today as Noel & I were preparing for our trip to Las Vegas for the RE/MAX Convention.

They always love coming to the office. Especially during the week because all of the team is there and they enjoy playing with them and generally getting under foot everywhere. When I bring them on the weekends they are a bit more relaxed since it’s usually only Noel & myself there to keep them company. 

This gives Niles a chance to just laze around and reflect, as you can see.

Niles has been having problems with his leg for about a year. He started limping on one of his rear legs and we took him to the Veterinarian for help. Even after performing a battery of tests on little Niles they still don’t know exactly what it is. We’ve had him on all kinds of meds but the problem still seems to stick around.

Perhaps that’s why I love to bring the him to the office. It seems he is oblivious to his problem. It’s like he doesn’t have a care in the world. All he knows is he has some kind of pain in his leg and he just gets around on the other three legs as if nothing were wrong.

While it pains me to see Niles limp around I see him enjoying life like in this photo and it makes the thought of his misfortune a little easier to take.

 Lee Bittinger