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Low-Cost Home Improvements with a Surprisingly Large Payoff

The main reason you’re considering gutting your kitchen or renovating your bathrooms is, of course, to sell your home for less money. Right? Of course not!

As a homeowner who’s thinking about selling, you want to add as much value to your home as possible. But many homeowners mistakenly think that major remodeling projects are the first (or only) option to increase their property’s worth.

Major Home Improvements Don’t Always Pay Off

upgraded kitchen in Michigan homeMany Canton and Plymouth home sellers take a look at their homes, take a look at popular home trends (or HGTV), and think that they need to spend thousands of dollars adding quartz countertops or a pool in order for their home to sell for the most money possible.

According to CBS News, the most popular home improvements that aren’t worth the investment include finishing a basement, giving your kitchen a major makeover, and adding a sunroom. NerdWallet also mentions that a bathroom remodel and adding an extra room are improvements not worth the investment, either.

Invest the Time in These Low-Cost Improvements First

Sometimes, you don’t have to spend the money to add value to your home. A first impression can be just what your home needs to sell for more money. And the best way to create a great first impression is to make your home as appealing as possible for prospective home buyers.

So before you invest thousands of dollars into a major kitchen or bathroom renovation, try these low-cost, high-appeal home improvements:

  • Replace the hardware or clean fingerprint smudges from doorknobs, light switches, and light fixtures.
  • Paint your walls with a fresh, neutral coat of paint.
  • If you have a large entryway, add colorful flowers or an evergreen tree (depending on the season you decide to sell) to draw buyers’ attention.
  • Buy a new doormat.
  • Stage your home. (If you need professional staging services, we have you covered with these seller perks.)

Our Canton and Plymouth Market Preparation Guide outlines the ways to effectively prepare your home for sale and make the best first impression. Request yours today!

Still Thinking About Major Improvements? Let’s Talk

recently renovated bathroomIt’s true that buyers make snap judgements about your home based on the way it looks. If you still have questions about improving your home (like whether you should upgrade an outdated kitchen or bathroom), we’d love to talk with you. Call us at (734) 459-2600 or email

If you’re considering selling your home but aren’t quite ready to do so yet, come to drop into our (free!) weekly consultations on Thursdays at our office. We’ll answer any question you have — no signup required and no strings attached. We meet every Thursday night from 6 to 8 PM. Hope to see you there! Of course, we invite you to contact us at any time for honest answers to your tough questions.

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