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6 Ways to Ensure Your Plymouth Home Sells Quickly This Fall!

Did you know that fall is an excellent time to list your home on the market? It’s true! The busy summer home selling season may be coming to a close but there are still plenty of interested and serious home buyers navigating the market in Plymouth.

And because there aren’t as many available homes for sale as there were in summertime, you and your home stand a greater chance of being able to attract interested home buyers and seal the deal.

But how exactly do you make sure that your home gives the best first impression possible? I have the scoop!

How to Make Sure Your Plymouth Home Sees Plenty of Offers

Here are my top 6 best tips on how you can get your home noticed by potential home buyers:

Set yourself apart from your neighbors. In other words, make sure that your home leaves a memorable impression. You might consider custom designs or upgrades to help make this possibly, such as landscaping or high-grade windows. Is your roof older than you like to admit? Consider replacing it before listing your home.

Get rid of all the clutter. Regardless of whether you’re a self-proclaimed packrat or not, you likely have at least a few pieces of clutter that aren’t doing your home any favors. At worst, the clutter is making your home feel smaller and dirtier. At best, it’s distracting buyers from the real beauty of your home. Remember, if you haven’t used the item in more than 6 months, it’s time to get rid of it!

Give the buyers a deal they can’t refuse. Home buyers love incentives. And it makes them much more apt to invest in your home. So sweeten the deal for them by offering money toward closing costs. Or offer them a transferable home warranty, which typically covers anything from air conditioners to refrigerators.

Don’t forget the curb appeal! Contrary to popular belief, your foyer isn’t the first impression your home leaves. It’s the outside of the home itself. Make sure your home leaves the best first impression by trimming the hedges, giving the exterior a fresh coat of paint and removing any excess lawn junk.

Make your home “move-in” ready. This means that ensuring all of your home’s appliances, electrical and plumbing fixtures are up-to-date and in working order. This removes one extra obstacle that the buyer has to overcome to move into their new home, making your home deal all the more alluring to them.

Price your home right. This can’t be understated. The number one way to make sure your home sells quickly is to make sure your home’s list price is reasonable and competitive. To determine the right list price for your property, ask your Plymouth real estate agent for a free Plymouth home evaluation!

Helping You at Every Stage of the Home Selling Process in Plymouth

For more valuable tips on how to get a successful outcome as a Plymouth home seller, please take a moment to contact me, Noel Bittinger, and the rest of The Bittinger Team.

We would love the opportunity to further assist you with all of your home selling needs!

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