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Joan M. Photography

Welcome to another edition of our community life blog, in which we like to share with you a little something special about the Plymouth, Canton, and Northville Michigan communities.

This week, we’re thrilled to feature Joan Meyers of Joan M. Photography, located in downtown Plymouth Michigan. Please read on to learn how Joan got started and about her special interest in an art that is a little different that you might expect.  And, of course, check out the phenomenal samples of her work that she has shared with us here!

In Her Own Words


I’m a different type of photographer, creating classic wall portraiture of children and families using black and white film. I started my photography career as a film photographer but made the switch to digital photography in 2007. My passion, however, has always been black and white film and I made the decision to go back to film in 2010.

Black and white film just has a beautiful tonal range, unmatched by digital. Instead of a shade of white, a shade of black and gray in between you will find all the nuances of the extremes: the ribs on a baby’s onesie, the delicate lace and tulle of a little girl’s dress, the texture in a pair of  faded blue jeans or the way window light falls off into shadow on an overcast day.



While I love color, too, and will use it when requested (color film, of course), I find that color photography is as much about the environment as the subjects being photographed. Black and white strips away everything external, preferring to concentrate on the thought, feeling and emotion of the subject.  In a way it is more a reflection of my own personality. I am a ponderer by nature and I strive to draw out the emotions unsaid. What are you thinking about when you look out the window or humming to yourself? These are the emotions that define us and I want to make sure, especially in children, that they are captured with my camera.

I opened a studio in Downtown Plymouth. I chose Plymouth because of its quaint and very active downtown. And, in an area that prides itself on its charm and history my “old” portraiture fits right in. I still prefer on-location photography but can schedule sessions inside, during the long Michigan winters.


Contact Joan

To learn more about Joan M. Photography, visit her website, give her a call at 734-386-0505 or stop in to her studio at 470 Forest Avenue, Suite 17A (next to Cozy Café and upstairs from Birch Wood).

Till next time,

The Bittinger Team

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