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Cell Phone Repair Can Save Your Phone

In today’s blog we are going to feature a local business, as we often like to do.  But, this post tells a sad tale, with a happy ending. It’s actually kind of fitting for Friday the Thirteenth!

A rather sad situation befell our Social Media Director.  About 8 months ago, Maria upgraded her cell phone, which was certainly a happy event and made her feel like a million bucks (at least for a day).  On her previous phone, which she was quite certain that she owned for ages and ages, she had insurance that would rescue her in the event that tragedy should befall the phone.

The thing is, Maria is THE most careful person in her family of five (by a long shot).  So, upon her husband’s suggestion, she declined the insurance this time because there hadn’t been any need for it for all those years.

Does this story sound familiar to you?

Care to guess what happened next?

Well, apparently the phone’s case didn’t quite envelop all edges of the shiny new phone completely.  As you might expect, she accidentally dropped the phone on the sidewalk and it landed, as you also might expect, right on the unprotected edge.

Of course, the crash cracked the screen. It wasn’t the worst cracked screen in the world, but nonetheless cracked.   After trying to “live with it” for about two weeks, Maria noticed that the crack had spread into a web and was beginning to creep further down the screen.  She had to admit the truth:  It was not going to be okay.

Help Was Nearby at CPR Cell Phone Repair

CPR verticalMaria turned to the folks at CPR.  They seemed to know their stuff and were confident they could replace the glass.  Luckily, only the outer glass was broken and not the layer underneath which controls the marvel of the touch pad.

CPR Cell Phone Repair is a chain store with a location in Canton Michigan at 39958 Ford Road (just east of I-275), offering repair of pretty much all electronic devices.  They offer a free estimate, same day service, and walk-ins are welcome. There are also a variety of accessories available for purchase, along with new and refurbished cell phones and other devices.

All’s Well That Ends Well

We’re delighted to report that things worked out beautifully.  There was no need to send the cell phone away (and thus be without a phone and all its wonderful goodness for 10 days).  There was no need for a brand new phone at a shockingly enormous price.  There was no need for, well, panic.

Yes, there was a cost of about $150 to replace the glass, but it also came with a guarantee that it would work perfectly.  In fact, just before turning the phone back to her, the guys at CPR noticed something wasn’t completely right.  They redid their process and made sure the phone worked perfectly before turning it over to Maria.  That right there made her happy, knowing that it was repaired by folks who care about their customers walking out the door satisfied and with quality work in hand.  Yes, it meant an added delay, but best to know it is going to be absolutely right before leaving with it.

So far, so good!  And, yes, Maria did purchase a new, very solid phone case that the CPR guys recommended – fortifying that phone with only slightly less armor than Fort Knox itself.

Till next time,

The Bittinger Team

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