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Spring, Sun, and Ducklings in the Park

What makes your heart go pitter pat?  If you’re like many of us, there are probably quite a few things that do it for you.  On any given day, you may experience that deep sensation several times … and for different reasons than you did the day before.

When we recently stopped by Plymouth Township Park (McClumpha Park to the locals), we had a moment of revelation which we managed to capture in a photo.  It was about 75 degrees out.  It was sunny.  And the ducklings were puttering around the shores of the pond.  In short, the weather was quite perfect, the landscape delightful, and the ducklings, well, they were just icing on this cake of perfection.

McClumpha Ducks

McClumpha Park is located on the north side of Ann Arbor Trail, east of Beck Road, and immediately adjacent to Hilltop Golf Course.  It’s a gorgeous park with walking paths, fishing pond, covered picnic areas, an enormous playscape, and a super-fun splashpad.  We hope your heart goes pitter pat many times this summer in and around our wonderful communities of Plymouth, Canton, and Northville Michigan!

Till next time,

The Bittinger Team

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