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Cantoro’s Italian Market

We usually reserve our blog entry at the end of the week for a little glimpse into community life in the Plymouth, Canton and Northville Michigan, and this week is no different.  Let us tell you about a new place in town called Cantoro’s Italian Market.

Total Italian Goodness

For those of you who love Italian foods, and all things Italian for that matter, Cantoro’s Italian Market will make your heart skip a beat.  Come prepared to wander and savor.  Countless selections of fabulous meats, cheeses, wines, pastries, kitchen accessories, and produce await you.  Oh, and of course, about a zillion varieties of fresh and dry PASTA!

OilPlymouth is Second Location

The original Cantoro’s Italian Market is located in Livonia, but the Plymouth location just opened in early April on Haggerty, north of Five Mile.  The parking lot has been packed every time we’ve driven by so how could we not pop in to check it out?


To say that the sights and smells are intoxicating might be an understatement.  From fresh bread and pastries to the artfully arranged produce under pretty red umbrellas, there is a lot to take in.  Including a Ducati (be sure to look UP to find it).

Cantoro’s is beautiful.  It is interesting.  It is inspiring.  It is an attraction.  And yet it is for every day.  You have to check out this amazing Italian market in Plymouth Michigan.


We actually went in intending to have lunch in the trattoria (who knew we’d find this incredible market?!), but with about a 40-minute wait ahead of us, we decided that this would be best left to another day when we might not be quite as famished.  After all, all that browsing through these fabulous foods wasn’t helping.  Well, a return visit to the trattoria will give us another community life blog post!  Stay tuned for a report on the trattoria inside Cantoro’s soon!

Till next time,

The Bittinger Team

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