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Keeping Plymouth History Alive … Virtually

We love to hear from folks in the Plymouth, Canton, and Northville communities that are involved in important projects so we were absolutely tickled pink when Plymouth resident Jim Salamay wanted to share some really cool Plymouth history right here on our blog.  Jim is involved in a fabulous project with the Plymouth Historical Museum and we are so excited to share it with you!

This week’s guest blogger is Jim Salamay, a Plymouth resident and volunteer with the Plymouth Historical Museum!

Virtually Keeping Plymouth History Alive!

With today’s technology everyone wants information “right here, right now” so keeping that in mind my family created a “virtual” Plymouth history page.

My family moved to Plymouth for the richness of history, the schools, and the great people. Just over a year ago, I took my four kids to the Plymouth Historical Museum and was intrigued by photos of certain homes and structures. I couldn’t help but want to learn more about a couple of places in town, so I walked next door to the Plymouth library to find a couple of books on Plymouth Michigan history.

To make a long story short, we started to learn so many things about Plymouth’s forefathers and I researched where they lived. Every time we discovered something new, we would post it on Facebook. This little research project evolved into a partnership with the Museum and we have started a new web page that we plan to fill with plenty of photos and factoids. In today’s virtual world it’s a great way for the world to take a photographic tour of Plymouth and get a glimpse of this wonderful community that we live in.  Here are some examples of what you can discover.

Wilcox House


This white Victorian house sits at the apex of Kellogg Park in downtown Plymouth. It was built by William Markham who started the very first air rifle (BB gun) company in the world. (Plymouth is where the BB gun was invented.) The scandalous part is the fact that the home was actually built for his mistress (ouch!).



In 1911 the home was sold to the prominent George Wilcox and was in the family for about 90 years. Today, the house is known as the Wilcox home and is currently being renovated.

Bennett Home

The blue Queen Anne Style home was built by Charles Bennett who had served as the President of the Daisy Air Rifle Company. This grand double-house was home to his father who was one of Plymouth’s pioneers and on the other side was the home of his brother.




 46255 N. Territorial


The white two-story farmhouse is where Plymouth “began”. Built prior to 1827, the John Tibbits farmstead is where the first town meeting was held. Members of the community gathered in the red barn that stills stands on the property today and voted on the name Plymouth and assigned the first town council.




Bode’s Corned Beef House


Bode’s Corned Beef House was built in 1868 by Gideon Bode. It was actually one of the first railroad hotels to serve patrons that would ride through town. Today it’s a great place to stop in for an excellent corned beef sandwich!




More Where This Came From!

There’s PLENTY more where this came from! Please check us out on Facebook or visit us at and “discover” more Plymouth history along with me and my family!
~ Best regards, Jim Salamay – Volunteer at the Plymouth Historical Museum


A million thanks, Jim, for sharing this awesome news on this blog.  It’s because of curious and energetic folks like you that the rich history of Plymouth MI is preserved!  Thanks for all that you do!

Speaking of History …

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