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Snowy Days

Well, around here in the Plymouth, Canton, and Northville Michigan area, winter can bring with it something of a mixed bag of weather.

So now that southeast Michigan has been properly “dumped on”, we thought we would come up with a few things to do in or with the snow to make the outdoors a little more pleasurable.

A snowy gazebo in Heritage Park, Canton.


Of course it had to be first on the list!  If you don’t have a hill in your backyard (few people do!) or in your neighborhood, you might want to head over behind Canton’s Summit on the Park near the popular Glengarry subdivision.  Or, to Plymouth Township Park (McClumpha Park) on Ann Arbor Trail, east of Beck.  The park is located adjacent to the beautiful Woodlore subdivision.

Snow Sculpting

Sure, you could make a traditional “snowman”, but why not try your hand at something different?  Maybe, say, the Eiffel Tower or a pirate ship or a horse or … or … or …  Did you know that if you tint water with food coloring and put it in a spray bottle, you can “paint” your work too?

Scavenger Hunt

So tint some water with food coloring and freeze in ice cube trays.  Then hide them around your yard and let the kids hunt for them.  Maybe you like to give riddle clues, maybe you like to just await their return.  Very inexpensive and it keeps them occupied for ages!

Footprint Tag

If you’re a fan of the old playground game Tag, you will enjoy playing this version.  You can only step in someone else’s footprint!  A bit challenging, but why not?!

Ice Cream Snow!

Now this is definitely different and something the kids will get a kick out of.  Mix together very well 1 cup milk, 1 well-beaten egg, ¾ cup sugar, ¼ teaspoon salt. Add enough clean snow to make it thick and enjoy!  (A little bit of vanilla is great in there too, I’ve heard.)

Let us know if you tried any of these activities and what other ones belong on this list!  And, ENJOY this beautiful time of year in southeast Michigan!

Ha! Oh yeah, why not some cartwheeling in the snow too?! Nice!

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