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How to Expertly Stage Your Canton Home’s Living Room for Showings

As I have previously written, staging a home is crucial when it comes to attracting interested Canton home buyers.

After all, it’s a well-known fact that Canton home buyers are likely to spend more time in a staged home than in a vacant home.

And the more time home buyers spend in a home, they more likely they are to get attached to that home and subsequently make an offer.

In the past, I’ve provided you with tips on how to stage various rooms in your Canton home, such as your kitchen. Today, I’m going to tell you about ways you can expertly stage your living room.

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As with any staged room in your home, the goal behind staging your living room is to help the home buyer visualize what it would be like for them to live there.

In a vacant living room, it’s nearly impossible to visualize anything. After all, a vacant room does not showcase the various possibilities a home buyer could explore with interior design.

What’s more, a vacant living room feels cold, uncomfortable and uninviting.

But when you stage the living room, all of that changes. Suddenly, a cleverly-staged room showcases just how large the room it.

It also feels like a family really would enjoy gathering in the room and it feels warm and uplifting.

Bottom line: When you’re staging your living room, you’re trying to appeal to the home buyer’s emotions – not necessarily their logic in these situations.

So here are some tips on how to expertly stage your living room:

  • Add plants to the room. Plants provide warmth and cheer to any room.
  • Strategically place mirrors to maximize light and make the room appear bigger.
  • Choose a bright color accent to really make the room pop – such as a red pillow here or a yellow painting there.
  • Arrange knickknacks in odd groupings like 3 or 5.
  • Choose smaller couches and tables to make the living room appear larger
  • Appeal to the home buyer’s senses by using touchable fabrics like silk or satin in a throw over the sofa, for example.
  • Don’t block windows to allow for maximum natural light to flow in.
  • Add lamps to further illuminate the room.

Once you’ve staged your living room and other crucial rooms in the home – you’re likely to find that your Canton home sells quicker and for a better price than if you’d left the home vacant!

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We’ll be happy to help you at every stage of the home selling processby offering expert advice as well as helpful tools such as:

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