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Feeling HOT, HOT, HOT!

Whew! It has been a real a scorcher in southeast Michigan over the last week or so with temperatures reaching well into the 90s.  Should we be complaining after a long Michigan winter?  Umm … well, maybe not!

Did you know that we’ have several awesome splash pads within the Plymouth, Canton, and Northville communities?  And they are so good at cooling you off. That water is freezing!  For those who aren’t into running through this fun stuff, and if you’re lucky enough for there to be a light breeze, you can just stand downwind for a light misting!

Here is a peek at the splash playground by Canton’s Summit on the Park.  The parking lot is a few paces away and there and there are many picnic tables and benches if you need a break.  Oh, and yes, there’s a little bit of shade too.

And, hey, if you need a break from the wet stuff, there is the “blue park” at your fingertips.  Yes, that’s a metal slide and, yes, it is hot in the sun!  But the climber is great and there’s a nice sand pit with a digger you control, so go ahead and get a little dirty!  A short walk away is the “castle park” playscape, but that thing is worthy of its own conversation on another day.


Other Area Splash Playgrounds

– Flodin Park, Canton, on Saltz at Morton Taylor

– Plymouth Township Park (McClumpha Park) on Ann Arbor Trail east of Beck

– Turtle Cove sprayscape at Lower Huron Metropark, Belleville at I-94 and Haggerty

– Know of others?  Leave us a comment about it and share the news!

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