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Prepare To Put Your Canton, Michigan Home on the Market With These Tips

You’ve been hearing it for months: the ball is really in the seller’s court on the Canton, Michigan real estate market.

We can’t emphasize enough that we need MORE houses to sell around here!  Houses are selling so fast that we have many more buyers than there are houses to sell.

In fact, we recently sold a house in Canton’s beautiful Fox Run subdivision in just 2 days and for $22,000 more than expected.  Nothing in that sub had sold for over $300,000 since 2010 until we did it last week.  Check out this video that the sellers made for us – we love it!

The key is to do what needs to be done to market your home correctly and to have your home in the best condition for selling.

Continue reading to learn a few tips on how to prepare your Canton, Michigan home for the market.

Do These Things Before You List Your Canton, MI Home

Form a realistic idea of the current state of the Canton housing market. You can do this by checking out my recent sold data feature. This will give you a good idea of what homes that are similar to yours are selling for in the area and how long (or not!) they’re staying on the market.

Hire Someone to Inspect Your Home. The buyer is more than likely going to have your home inspected before they close on the home. And if their inspector discovers a major issue with your home, it could kill the deal. So hire your own inspector to ensure that you catch and repair any problems before the buyer even discovers them.

Make Sure Your Home is in Top Condition: Homes in the best condition garner the best price.  Make your home as competitive as possible!  One easy way to do this is to give your home a mini-makeover. Consider giving your home a fresh coat of paint or trimming the hedges in the front yard. This will ensure that your home is leaving a stellar first impression on home buyers.

Develop a comprehensive home marketing plan. This not only includes how you’re going to market your home but where and when as well. Considering the changing nature of the current housing market, it is always best to work with an experienced Canton Michigan REALTOR like me to devise the most effective marketing strategy for your home.

Request company relocation assistance. If you’re relocating somewhere new because of your job, consider asking your company for relocation assistance. Some companies offer this kind of service in which they provide resources that make selling your home easier. Check with your human resources manager to see.

Decide Upon a List Price. This is perhaps one of the most important things a home seller will do. That’s because if you set it too high, you miss out on some interested home buyers, and you may delay the sale of your home. If you set it too low, you may cheat yourself out of a better profit. Here at The Bittinger Team, we’ve been around for a long time and can determine the best list price for your home.

Declutter Your Home. First impressions matter a lot to prospective home buyers. By cleaning and de-cluttering your home, you’re helping it to appear more spacious and newer. This may result in a quicker sale.  So, dedicate some time to decluttering your home. Don’t forget the closets, basements and garages!

Selling Your Canton, MI Home Just Got Easier

I hope you found the above information helpful as a potential Canton home seller.

For more expert advice on how to successfully navigate the Michigan real estate market, contact me, Noel Bittinger.

I’ll be more than happy to share with you my expert opinion on how to effectively market your home as well as provide you with numerous (and FREE!) home selling resources, such as:

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