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Detroit Marathon – October 16

Are you ready to run a marathon?

Perhaps the first question should be, “Do you want to run a marathon?”  A lot of us are surely shaking our heads at this question!

Whether you are a seasoned marathoner or just got your shoes acquainted with the pavement recently, the Detroit Marathon is a very special event that offers something for everyone.  Sponsored by the Detroit Free Press and Talmer Bank this year, the event will be held Sunday, October 16, 2011 and offers three distances:  the full marathon, the half marathon, and the American Home Fitness 5K.  First time marathoners get a green number, so the crowd will know to give you extra encouragement and cheering.

But unlike the typical marathon, the Detroit event crosses an international border.  Runners are prescreened and don’t need to carry passports or identification during the event.  The race starts in Detroit, crosses into Windsor, and returns to Detroit.  Participants will run through the mile long Detroit-Windsor Tunnel (known as The Underwater Mile!) as well as over the Ambassador Bridge.  And, yes, the tunnel is closed to vehicles for a few hours.  The total estimated number of participants in all events is expected to be 20,000 this year!

Noel ran this marathon in 2005!  Noel recalls,  “What an experience that was being my first Marathon.  I did it with my buddy, Becky Barnhart, and it was one of the biggest thrills of my life. Coming out of the tunnel knowing my husband, Lee, and other friends were going to be standing there cheering me on was over the top.  But, of course, the absolute highlight was the finish.  That year the finish line was inside of Ford Field with thousands of spectators in the stands.  I literally broke down in tears coming in as I was hearing my running buddies yelling my name.  I knew the moment I finished that I wanted to do it again.  And that turned out to be at the Chicago Marathon the following year.”

To Noel’s Dirt Road Diva running buddies who are running the Detroit Marathon this year,  the very best of luck:

  • Christine Hughes
  • Eric Hughes
  • Marc Lucas
  • Jen Latham
  • Suk-Kyu Koh
  • Carolyn
  • Sheri

Here’s to a great run this Sunday. Let us know how you did!

Fun! Fun! Fun!

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