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The Best Gyros – Practically Next Door!

The Bittinger Team’s realtor, Kelly Darling, shared a funny story with us at a recent staff meeting.

It was about her recent appointment with a client.  The gentleman was from Jackson, Michigan (about 50 miles west of Canton), who works in Southfield, Michigan (25 northeast of Canton), and who was viewing properties with Kelly in West Bloomfield, Michigan (about 25 miles north of Canton).  You might suppose that this fellow would have limited knowledge of the Canton area, and you would probably be right.

After attending to the business they set out to do that day, Kelly’s client asked if she knew where the intersection of Joy and Morton Taylor Roads is located.  He added that he heard of a Coney Island restaurant there that served the best gyros anywhere!

This was a real surprise to Kelly, and to all of us, because this client was describing our own neighbor!  The Bittinger Team office is located at the exact opposite end of the plaza from Olympus Coney Island, the restaurant Kelly’s client was referring to.

Now, a gyros (pronounced YEER-os) is something of a Greek fast food – a grilled pita enveloping shaved lamb, tomato, onions and tzatziki sauce, which is made from yogurt, cucumbers and garlic.

Well, some of us could not let this rest.  Team Member Maria just happens to be a huge gyros fan and treated herself to one that same day.

Maria reported that, indeed, the gyros from Olympus Coney Island might just be the very best gyros anywhere! She said that the pita was lightly crispy – just the way she likes it – and the amount of delicious meat (lamb) was very generous.  The onions and tomatoes, she said, were sliced which meant that the whole thing stayed together better than other gyros that have those ingredients diced instead.

Also, Maria loved that Olympus served the tzatziki sauce on the side instead of already wrapped in the gyros. Go ahead and glob on as much or as little as you like and avoid the usual problem of the sauce dripping out!  In all, the gyros from Olympus Coney Island was a hearty and unique sandwich made with delicious meat and fresh ingredients that Maria said she plans to enjoy regularly.  In fact, she said she might even try the Gyros Supreme, which adds lettuce and feta cheese to this already tasty combination.

Well, we might not all be gyros connoisseurs but you can count on The Bittinger Team to be experts when it comes to the Canton, Plymouth, and Northville real estate markets!  Let’s get together for a no-strings consultation to talk about how The Bittinger Team can help you buy or sell a home!  Just click here to contact us!

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